Haute Bronze

Introducing HauteBronze, the most innovative and luxurious way to reveal your perfect glow

While working in the entertainment industry early in her career, Lori Braun searched for a better way to self tan — 20 years later her revolutionary technology has made her a beauty pioneer and her products worldwide bestsellers. It all started when Lori, who grew up in sunny Melbourne, lost her signature sunkissed glow prompting her to discover a new way to achieve bronzed skin. Not willing to damage her skin in the sun and wary of the smelly, streaky self-tanners she’d encountered previously, she researched how to overhaul the outdated, user-unfriendly formulas in the market. She developed a breakthrough, water-based towelette that was easy to use and delivered the perfect level of self tan. Today her products are used by millions and with the launch of HauteBronze she’s forged yet another groundbreaking new chapter in the home-tanning industry. The new collection features advanced formulas, a never seen before way to apply self-tanner in the form of her TAN IN A MITT, and luxe packaging. SHOP NOW